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Parental Communication

March 31, 2009

I think I’m a bad son.

That sounds deep, and serious, and it is.

I was talking with my best friend C and she was saying that she hadn’t spoken to her mom in a few days, and her mother was mad at her for that.

I told C that, no offense, and I know that everyone’s relationship with their parents is different, but I would go bat shit crazy if I had to speak to the people who gave me life every day, or even every week.

When I lived in Canada, attending University, I would email my parents maybe once a month. I’d speak to them only when I was home and happened to get their call.

Of course, I was very anxious to get in touch when the student-drinking fund was getting low, but apart from that I was quite happy to live my own life.

But I have no real desire to be in constant communication with my parental unit. But I should do. Well, maybe not constant communication, but certainly regular communication. I think I take them for granted.

My mother’s parents died when she was 10 and 13, respectively. My dad’s parents lived a long, full life, but they died before I really got to know them as well as I might have liked. The Wife’s mom died when she was 10. So I know that the 24 years I’ve already had with my parents are a gift.

Sadly, I tend to waste my gifts without even realizing.

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