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Traffic and food

April 3, 2009

I live in a small city on a small island. Needless to say, nothing is ever really THAT far from where you are at that moment.

So why does it take me 70 friggin’ minutes to drive from location A (home) to location B (work) which is maybe 12 miles away?

What gets me too (and I’m guilty of it on occasion) is that people see a block of traffic, so they take an alternate route. But on an island this size, there are no truly alternate routes, just side roads that run roughly parallel to the main roads and join back on at some point. Which means that due to a horde of cars merging back on to the main road, everything slows down. Which backs up traffic further. Which makes more people try and cut around. Which just compounds the problem. It’s like they fail to realize that if everyone stayed on the road they were supposed to, the traffic would just flow.

I was so frustrated this morning I felt like cycling in to work (my anger subdued the knowledge that cycling requires physical exertion, which I’m not big on).


I am also STARVING. I feel justified in saying I am literally starving, and that I might slump over my desk and die if I don’t get some food in me soon. Not that my coworkers would mind too much – one of them has been eyeing my new iMac for a while now…

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