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Talk radio

April 8, 2009

I like to listen to talk radio. Yes, I’m a young guy who loves music while driving, but every so often I like intellectual, stimulating talk radio. Politics, current events, world news, etc. It’s interesting.

Sadly, I find no stimulating talk radio in my area that doesn’t make me mad.

Local stations aren’t even considered. The ignorance and lack of proper elocution and intelligence is just grating.

So I’ve begun to listen to a local US AM station that I manage to just about receive in my car.

The problem is, the station is highly conservative. And I am unabashedly liberal.  Gay rights. Gun control. Complete separation of church and state. True religious freedom. Free speech. Human rights. Anti-war. These are all things that I support wholeheartedly. This radio station, however, consists mainly of right wing radio hosts proselytizing right wing propaganda.

It’s interesting, but it’s highly infuriating. I’m an angry driver at the best of times anyway, but listening to this station while I drive raises the bar to dangerous levels. It’s not unheard of to see me driving along, white knuckles gripping the steering wheel while yelling “Are you fucking stupid?!” at the radio. It’s not my radio’s fault; I assume it doesn’t have a secret conservative agenda. But you never can tell really.

I’m quite happy for people to express their conservative tendencies. Support McCain over Obama, be pro-life, pro-Biblical-marriage, pro-Iraq war, whatever. I may think you’re ridiculous and narrow-minded to hold those beliefs, but I’ll support to the end your right to express them in a civilized manner. I’m also all for criticizing your elected leaders. It disgusted me during Bush’s term that criticizing the President was seen by many as being un-Patriotic. That’s ridiculous, the government should be held to account for its actions. So even the constant and oft-times ridiculous criticism of Obama was, well, bearable.


But I heard some pontifications today that disgusted me. In fact, I have to debase myself and call it shit. I heard some shit on the conservative radio today that offended me deeply.


I was listening to AM 850 out of Ft. Lauderdale. WFTL to be specific. First came some comments from “Dr.” Michael Savage, whoever he is. The following is a quick rundown of his main points.


–       Barack Hussein (he made a point of mentioning the President’s middle name) is an ‘imposter’ in the White House

–       The current administration is the most corrupt in history (apparently he wasn’t paying attention for the last eight years)

–       Muslim education officials in England are ‘terrorists’

–       There is no England anymore, apparently, and all English men are ‘soccer louts’


So that was Savage. Then came Joyce Kaufman. Kaufman began to spew some similarly hateful and divisive opinions. The major point before I was so disgusted that I turned off the radio and went back to my office (which, thankfully, is a haven of liberal ideas) was to do with Obama’s recent videotape to the Iranian people. In it he basically says, “Look, let’s forget the last 30 years of strained relations and work together for the betterment of all mankind”. Now it doesn’t mean that the US is going to sit idly by while Iran makes nuclear weapons. It doesn’t mean that the US is going to remain quiet while grave human rights violations occur in Iran. But it does mean that the US is beginning to respect Iran’s rights as a sovereign nation in the world community.


Kaufman’s response was: “My video would have been much shorter. It would have been an image of my middle finger, and me saying ‘bring it on!’”


Umm… what? If you were President of the United States you would flip off Iran and say, “bring it on”? Are you out of your mind? Disregarding the utter disrespect from one leader to another, do you really want to make an enemy out of a nation that may have/may eventually have a nuclear arsenal to throw your way? A nation that still has close ties with Russia, which DOES have a nuclear arsenal to throw your way…


One of the things I respect so much about Obama, and it was made evident in his acceptance speech at the inauguration, was the way that he’s willing to reach out to other countries in the global community. “We will extend a hand if you unclench your fist”, he said. That includes Iran. That includes North Korea.


To be so disrespectful and so divisive in a time when the world is trying to come together and rebuild itself after a failed war in the Middle East and the worst economic forecast in over 50 years is not only counterproductive, it’s wrong. 

So that’s a sampling of my main issue regarding politics, but I also have some major beef with Dr. Laura Schlessinger. If you Google “Dr.” Laura you’ll find out all about her despicable character. I don’t have the time, space or patience to go into it here, but it’s not hard to find.

But I do feel the need to illustrate a couple of points she made on the radio yesterday.

A woman called Dr. Laura in tears. When this woman met her husband she was 110lbs. When she got married she was 120lbs. Now she’s 140lbs. Her husband doesn’t find her sexually attractive anymore, what should she do?

I’ll give you my opinion on what I feel the proper response should have been before I mention Dr. Laura’s response.

I feel that when you get married you take that person for, as the vows say, better or worse, through sickness and health. I’m not necessarily saying ‘til death do us part, because I realize that divorce happens and it’s not always a bad thing. But the point is, a 30lb gain is really not very much. And to stop finding your wife sexy is ridiculous.

So Dr. Laura’s response was, basically, “it’s your own fault you got fat, it’s disrespectful to your husband, he communicated with you and you have no right to be mad. Lose some weight”.

Uhh, what? It’s HER fault she got fat? I mean, ok, maybe she ate more than usual, but 140lbs is hardly FAT. Dr. Laura also seemed to think that the husband’s weight gain is due to natural aging, yet this poor woman’s weight gain wasn’t? Fucking ridiculous.

Another woman called in. She had become pregnant and had married the child’s father. After a couple years of arguing, fighting and verbal abuse, the couple realized that they really didn’t like each other and called it quits. The woman is now dating a ‘nice guy’, but the ex has been sending her flowers, text messages, acting all sweet and wants to get her back. What should she do?

Now, first I’ll give you MY opinion. Frankly, if it didn’t work the first time, it’s probably not going to work the second time. The kids will be happier in a home where there isn’t constant and consistent fighting and verbal abuse, and this guy she’s dating could become a wonderful surrogate father to the kids. So I’d say to ignore the ex and move on.

Dr. Laura begs to differ.

Apparently, this woman has a moral obligation to bring the family together. She must dump this new fella, and get back with her ex. The woman’s children apparently don’t want her dating and want their parents back together (maybe Dr. Laura reads minds, I don’t know).

So the woman asks, “What if I don’t love him?” which in my book is a sensible question dealing with a very important issue. After all, common knowledge dictates that you don’t marry someone you don’t love.

According to Dr. Laura that’s no big deal, because you can LEARN TO LOVE SOMEONE WHILE WORKING TOWARDS A COMMON GOAL.

That’s when I turned off the radio.

In some ways Dr. Laura may well be worse than some of these lecherous right-wing pundits. They only affect people’s opinions of the government, but don’t really hold too much sway over someone’s life.

Dr. Laura, however, seems to relish the idea of destroying people’s private lives by giving the most ridiculous and destructive advice she can think of. 

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