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Gay Marriage

April 14, 2009

In the last couple of weeks both Vermont and Iowa have legalized gay marriage, recognizing that denying a basic American right to its citizens is, at best unconstitutional and at worse discriminatory.

If you know me personally, and as you may be able to tell from the few posts on here, I am very liberal and am a big supporter of gay rights. I can’t think of any reason in the slightest that gay people shouldn’t be free to marry the one that they love. The passing of Proposition 8 in California, and the thought that something similar could happen in other states and even other countries throughout the world sickened me tremendously.

The interesting thing about Vermont’s success is that it wasn’t a courtroom drama, but rather a legislative passing. Vermont’s legislature (narrowly) overrode the state governor’s veto to make gay marriage legal.

In the past conservatives have blamed “activist judges” for trying to further the so-called gay agenda. They saw the judges as one person trying to circumvent the will of the people. In Vermont’s case there is no way of saying that. Vermont government officials were elected by the people to speak for the people. So, essentially, the people of Vermont have spoken. This has, in some ways, taken some of the wind out of the sails of the homophobic right, which is never a bad thing.

But despite the victories that proponents of gay marriage may enjoy, it’s important to remember that the road ahead is long and full of struggle. If Proposition 8 taught us anything it’s that victory is never absolute and the supporters of ‘traditional’ marriage won’t go down without a fight. Thankfully, despite the crushing defeat of Prop 8 to the LGBT community, the knowledge and recognition that a win isn’t always permanent has energized the community tremendously.

Change, both across the US and the world, is coming. Have patience.  



(I’m not entirely happy with this post. I think the writing is a little sloppy, but frankly I’m not in the mood to edit it)

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