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Bahamas for Sale?

September 25, 2009

I didn’t think I would have to post about this today, but apparently it’s only 3pm and I am bored out of my mind. So here we go.

It’s about the Chinese.
Now, I love the Chinese. They have awesome food (especially ‘real’ Chinese food, rather than ‘American’ Chinese food. I’m talking dim-sum, etc. Delicious). They have made almost everything I own, most of it handmade by highly skilled 6-yr old Chinese craftsmen, and they’re the most capitalist communist country in the world. They also seem to be quite peaceful; I don’t think they’ve been in any wars in recent decades (disregarding the wars they routinely hold against their own people, but that can be classified as… regular crowd control, let’s say). So, I love the Chinese. 
But they’re taking over The Bahamas, and we can’t quite figure out why.
Not overtly taking over, mind you, but very subtly. Subtly in the way that in 20 years we’ll wake up, don our military caps adorned with a red star, march into the central square and salute the late Chairman Mao. 
People will say “how did this happen?”, or, “who let such a thing happen?”, or, “when did this all start?”
The answer? It’s happening right now.
China loaned The Bahamas over $100 million to build new roads. For the new, shiny Bahamian national stadium we’re using a Chinese construction company, and China has given us the money for it. I swear, the front gate of the construction site looks like it’s been taken straight from downtown Shanghai; red Chinese characters on a large, white concrete entryway with Chinese flags flying above. The Chinese are now talking about initiating large-scale commercial farming on some of the family islands and they’re talking about investing a couple-hundred million dollars in the Baha Mar Resort on Cable Beach.
Long story short, they’re buying up The Bahamas, piece by piece, albeit all things we sorely need (new roads, stadium, more resorts, new industries, etc.)
The real question – what have we promised them in return?
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