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About The Writer

This blog is meant to be semi-anonymous.

However, I’m not scared of losing my anonymity.

Those of you who know me in person will probably know right away who I am (the sloppy copy-editing is but one clue). Others of you will probably be able to guess at least where in the world I live, based on clues and the sloppy disguising of true names and places and events.

I really wanted to have somewhere to vent, to express my positions on anything and everything, to detail my life and not be concerned about the views I express. For example, my liberal views on religion and gay marriage will not be taken too well in the place I live. That’s not to say that friends and family don’t know my views – far from it.

I have a “real” online presence. I have a personal website, I have Facebook, I have Twitter, etc. I’m open about my identity on all of those.

I think I simply wanted a divergence from my real life to a creative outlet. For example, I get some freelance work through my personal website. I have a blog attached to that site, but I’m feeling more inclined to (a) not expound on topics that may jeopardize employment opportunities (in the same way that whatever views the CEO of Nike holds on religion, he won’t express them through the company) and (b) to transition that blog towards topics that impact my freelancing.

My point is that if I weren’t anonymous it would be easy. I would say, “hi, my name is” and “this is what I do”.

Instead, I can give you this – I am young, I am male, I write and I am very liberal.


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